Review Policy



This is a personal blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.  Reviews are not a personal attack on an author, editor, or publisher.  I am not responsible for the mistranslation or misinterpretation of content.  My views and opinions are subject to change over time.


Note for Authors

At this time, I do not accept ARCs.  Due to the large quantity of automated requests I receive, I cannot respond to every submission.


Rating System

★★★★★ Loved it!  

Fiction: Practically perfect!  Accurately represented characters and/or themes make this a must read.

Nonfiction: Life changing!  Fills crucial gaps in existing narrative with raw and insightful representations and perspectives.

★★★★☆ Really liked it

Fiction: Riveting story and well developed characters and/or themes make up for small flaws.

Nonfiction: Contributes meaningfully to existing narrative by offering fresh and accurate perspectives.

★★★☆Liked it

Fiction: Enjoyable.  Engaging plot and interesting characters and/or themes mostly make up for flaws.

Nonfiction: Contributes to existing narrative with engaging reporting and/or thoughtful representations.  Well-paced and thoughtprovoking.

★★☆☆ Hit and miss

Fiction: Not my cup of tea.  Plot, characters, and/or themes are undeveloped or clichéd.

Nonfiction: Doesn’t contribute to existing narrative in meaningful way.  Offers only a shallow perspective.

★☆☆ Disliked it

Fiction: Lacked literary value.  Underdeveloped, clichéd, or lacked vision.  Marginalised groups represented in an archetypal, insensitive, and poorly researched way.

Nonfiction: Obscures existing narrative with uneducated/uncompassionate perspective.  Inaccurate representations cause more harm than good.