“Why blog?” and other musings from the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” trap.

I haven’t written in ages for a lot of reasons. Here are some:

  1. I’ve been prioritising activities that contribute more to my overall wellbeing. This includes reading, bullet journalling, and spending quality time with close friends. I am in a different phase of life where I no longer view blogging as a necessary to achieving my personal and professional goals.
  2. I often feel guilty for not being more productive. But I also dislike the “half-arsed” feeling of giving my blog time when I have it, but then not pushing myself to give it time even when I don’t have time to spare. A Catch-22.
  3. I can’t identify who I’m blogging for. Am I blogging for readers? Am I blogging for myself? I feel like I should blog but I’m never in the mood to blog for enjoyment. When I want to create something for my own enjoyment, I use my bullet journal.
  4. I also feel that I should blog to spread awareness of books with good representation and important topics – an activist blogger. But doing so can be extremely draining and results in me choosing books I feel like I should read instead of want to read.

Considering those factors, blogging has become something I feel I should do if I want to make be a positive influencer.  It often gets in the way of my enjoyment of books and opportunities to recharge and create for pleasure.

If I post in the future, I hope I’ll approach it differently, maybe share more quotes that resonate with me. Currently, I care more about sharing emotions than a perfect review.

If you are a blogger, what does blogging mean to you? Who are you blogging for? If you are a reader, what makes you follow a blog?

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