June 2018 Recap | Moving House + My Current Manga Obsession

June 2018 Recap Paige's Pages


Life Updates

  • My partner and I have moved into a flat! This move has been such a long time coming and a huge source of stress. But now that it’s over and I’m settling in, things that have been up in the air for months are finally falling into place. It’s a relief having a space all of our own. I’m also enjoying our new lifestyle, which involves much more quality time.
  • I’m using my bullet journal to track my new resolutions for internet use. It took two weeks from our move-in day before internet was connected. During this incidental online detox time, I had a chance to think about the role I want the internet to play in my life. I don’t believe that my relationship with the internet is unhealthy, but I do feel that it’s not making me any happier either. So I rustled up some guidelines for how much time per day I want to spend online, and what sites I want to invest my time in. I used this opportunity to unsubscribe and unfollow from lots of things that aren’t benefiting me anymore. I plan to track how well I followed my resolutions in my bullet journal for two months to get into better habits. If you’ve done a detox or good habit tracker like this before, I’m interested to hear what worked for you!
  • I finally unpacked all of my books from storage and set up my bookshelves. In rainbow order, of course, because “rainbow” is a valid answer to “what is your favourite colour?” In the process of unpacking my books, I created two boxes of books that were so damaged from sitting in the garage for two years that they have to be thrown away. That was pretty heartbreaking. Also, I ended up with another whole box of books that are going to a charity bin. It’s weird how much my tastes and interests have changed. Now, my bookshelves only reflect who I used to be rather than who I am. Is this a problem you can relate to? I guess I can look at it as historical evidence of past-Paige, but I’ll admit it’s hard to reconcile when I want to be surrounded by current-Paige things.


June Reading Highlights

  • Hold Still by Nina LaCour ★★★★☆. I love the way Nina LaCour weaves her themes throughout her stories. Even though this book deals with suicide and mental illness, it’s ultimately a hopeful and affirming story. Here’s my review.
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell ★★★★★. This is my first of many rereads of Fangirl. It was crazy reflecting on how much has changed since the first time I read this book. I loved it so much more this time round, to the point where I fell into a reading rut because I was convinced nothing else could ever make me so happy! It also made me feel like a big idiot for what I wrote in my first review (all my opinions on it have changed since then). Even though I felt conflicted and weird, I tried to really appreciate all the emotions wrapped up in the experience.
  • Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma. So June was a massive manga month. Over half of what I read in June was Food Wars. I have to admit, this is a guilty pleasure. I find this series hilarious and crazy entertaining, even though my friends are mildly disturbed by all the “foodgasms”. I love it, and the anime is just as fun.
  • The Endsister by Penni Russon ★★★★☆. This is an Aussie middle-grade book with a twist of sinister magic.  All of the descriptions and settings have an enchanting vibe, and I missed the characters after finishing the book. The ghost story aspect is creepy and Coraline-esque in the best possible way.


What is your favourite manga or anime? And when/why did you last feel like your reading tastes have changed?

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