Mini Book Review | We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

We Are Okay Review Paige's PageAUTHOR: Nina LaCour
PUBLISHER: Dutton Books for Young Readers
: February 14, 2017
: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
: 256
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One sentence blurb: Marin’s plans to spend the Christmas break alone in her empty college dorm are interrupted by a figure from the past she prefers to leave behind.  

What I Liked

  • The setting of We Are Okay builds such a melancholy atmosphere.  I could easily imagine the snow falling outside and the solitude of the empty dorm.  The setting works perfectly as a backdrop for Marin’s emotional journey by representing her self-isolation and loneliness.  
  • The mood and tone of the entire book is sad and contemplative.  I recommend reading it when you’re snuggled up warmly in bed and in a reflective state of mind.  However, if you’re feeling down maybe choose something more upbeat to read.
  • The characters were all clearly developed in my mind’s eye.  I particularly enjoyed watching Mabel’s character unfold through Marin’s perspective, seeing all the aspects of her that Marin loves.  I personally liked where the story takes their friendship.
  • Just like in Everything Leads to You, the protagonist’s sexuality is not the focus of the story.  Marin is already comfortable in who she is, and is focussed on dealing with this major life transition instead.


What I Disliked

  • My only possible criticism is that the ending was quite cheesy in comparison to the rest of the book.  But you’ll just have to read it to find out if you agree.


I recommend this book because: it is a thoughtful and melancholy story that took me on a journey and left me in a reflective mood.

Themes: transition between significant life stages, grief and loss, friendship, family.


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