March 2018 Recap | My Bookstagram + New Additions to My TBR

March 2018 Recap Paige's Pages


Life Update

  • So I started a bookstagram account! My username is @paigehadleywriter if you want to check it out.  So far I’m enjoying how Instagram gives me a new way to engage with books –  unique opportunities to engage with other booklovers, and silly Instagram stories that make me take myself way less seriously.  Do you have a bookstagram? Let me know so I can show it some love!
  • I’m trialing two different mood tracker apps at the moment.  For a while I was using my bullet journal to keep track of my mental health, but the pressure I put on myself to make it look pretty and organised was getting in the way of it actually being helpful.  So far, using apps has been a cinch.  They tabulate all the data visually, which is satisfying and insightful.  I might do a comparison post after using them for a month.  Is that something you would find interesting/helpful?


March Highlights

  • My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi.  This was a recommendation from my partner, who loved the anime and just started reading the manga.  I’m so glad he pushed me to read it because I would have been really missing out.  This is a series I can binge on, and not in a guilty way either because I honestly couldn’t think of anything to improve it.  It’s just an all-round great time!
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.  Every night, I would read a few pages to my partner and we’d both marvel over the gorgeous illustrations.  It turned into such a lovely bedtime ritual.  I think this book was made to be shared with someone.
  • We Are Okay by Nina LaCour.  I went into this with zero expectations and enjoyed it so much.  It’s such a slow and thoughtful story that fit perfectly with the headspace I was in at the time.
  • My New Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein.  As a transgender revolutionary, Kate Bornstein is the perfect person to write a guide to questioning gender as a construct and embracing whoever you are.  No other book I’ve read about gender has been so extremely informative and constructive.  I learnt a lot about myself in the process.


March Lowlights

  • Ida by Alison Evans.  I wanted to enjoy this, not least of all because it features transgender and genderqueer characters.  But I was disappointed how Ida’s relationships weren’t developed and kept being pushed aside.  If you want to hear my rant, check out my review.


Books I Did Not Finish & Why

The Belles

23197837AUTHOR: Dhonielle Clayton
Young Adult, Fantasy
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WHY I DNF: If I’m going to stick with a book, the narrator’s voice has to grab me straight away.  I didn’t find anything special about Camellia’s perspective.  Maybe she’s developed more later on, but I wanted to know why I should care about her from the first page.  Also the pace of the first chapters is very slow, made even slower by lots of conversations that didn’t drive the plot.

TRY AGAIN?  I’m confident this book isn’t up my alley, so I won’t be trying again.  That said, I’m interested in hearing other readers’ reviews.  Even Adam Silvera (one of my faves) recommends this book!

How to Bee

bee.jpgAUTHOR: Bren MacDibble
Middle Grade Fiction
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WHY I DNF: After being sucked in by the blurb (after the extinction of bees, children must pollinate flowers by hand), I enjoyed the opening chapters about Peony’s minimalist life surrounded by nature.  Then she is goes to the city, where the plot revolves around her relationship with a snobby upper-class family, a storyline I’ve read and watched countless times that delivers none of the creativity promised in the blurb.  I also felt uncomfortable about the amount of domestic violence featured in the first half of this book.



Book Quotes

The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton page 80

“I think it’s unfair that women must parade around like peacocks and men do not.  There should be an equal effort.”

The left side of his mouth lifts in a smile. “But aren’t women supposed to be more beautiful than men in order to be enjoyed?”

“Are women quills or teletropes or new carriages?”


New Additions to my TBR




What have you loved and loathed this month?  Are you currently using any apps that are making life easier?  I’d love to hear your app and bookstagram recommendations.  I hope you had a happy Easter long weekend!


5 thoughts on “March 2018 Recap | My Bookstagram + New Additions to My TBR

  1. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Oh I’m sorry The Belles was one you ended up DNF-ing. I still have that on my to-read list so I’ll be giving it a go at some point, and I’ve heard good things so I’m keeping my fingers crossed as well. I do hope you enjoy Eliza and Her Monsters, Everless and The Hazel Wood. I’ve read all those and they were good books (I won’t say they were favourites of mine but I think I gave them all four stars so pretty decent overall).
    Happy reading, I hope you have a good April, and good luck with your Bookstagram as well (I tried that at one point but gave up very quickly). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paige @ Paige's Pages says:

      Thanks Beth! I’ve heard plenty of good reviews for The Belles so it seems to me beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

      All four-star reads? Yay, hopefully I will enjoy them as much as you did. I have to admit, some books I really enjoyed I end up rating four stars. Four stars is like “great but not perfect” for me 🙂 Have a happy April.

      Liked by 1 person

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