Book Review | Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Everything Leads to You Book Review Paige's PagesAUTHOR: Nina LaCour
: May 15, 2014
: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction, Romance, LGBT, Own Voices
: 336
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One sentence blurb: when teen set design intern, Emi, gets her big break working on an independent film, her only distraction is Ava, the secret granddaughter of a Hollywood star.

One thing that everyone seems to be able to agree on is how cool Emi’s world is.  As a set design intern her passion is creating the perfect setting for a scene, which involves inhabiting the characters’ hearts and minds.  I love how she filters everything through a set designer’s lens, noticing details that no one else would see.  Emi’s unique voice and perspective as our narrator is strong and interesting to follow.  I have a lot of love for her.

The mystery surrounding Ava’s family history makes for an interesting subplot, that gives all the characters a chance to shine and grow.  But I’m thankful that this isn’t the main plot because I invested in it the least.  I was really driven to learn more about Ava’s present-day situation and her relationship with her estranged adoptive mother.  In comparison to discovering her grandfather was a Hollywood legend, this gritty, real-life stuff felt so true and tangible.  

I love that Emi’s sexuality isn’t the focus of the story.  This is just a love story in which the protagonist happens to be lesbian.  By the time we meet Emi, her coming out is ancient history and her friends and family are completely comfortable with her identity by now.  Whereas many YA books highlight the coming out experience, this book reminds readers that there is a lot to look forward to after.

Although Emi’s romantic feelings for Ava are crucial to the plot, her friendship with Charlotte stands out to me.  This platonic relationship is so strong, full of love, patience, and acceptance.  These friends would do anything for each other, and know each other’s needs.  Charlotte grounds Emi throughout the book.  I like how even though this is a love story, platonic relationships are given equal weight.  

Everything Leads to You is overall so sweet and enjoyable.  Whenever I put the book down I would look forward to spending more time with the characters and being in their world.  It’s escapism with the perfect dose of emotion.


I recommend this book because: the characters and their world are so lovely to be immersed in.

This book is for you if: you love losing yourself in a character’s way of seeing the world; you enjoy sweet romances; you value well-written friendships.

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