Mini Review | Eyes Too Dry: A Graphic Memoir About Heavy Feelings

Eyes Too Dry Paige's Pages.pngAUTHORS: Alice Chipkin & Jessica Tavassoli
PUBLISHER: Echo Publishing
: September 2017
: Graphic Memoir, Mental Illness
: 224
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One sentence blurb: two young Australian women collaborate on a creative project in an attempt to make sense of severe depression.

What I Liked

  • The artwork captures emotion equally to the words.  Tava’s chapters in particular felt really raw to me – her illustrations of depression communicate an experience that lacks the right words to describe it.
  • Both women have obviously spent a lot of time finding the right language to communicate their feelings clearly.  I think this at least partly comes from discussing their mental health with a psychologist and counsellor.
  • I really appreciate that medication and visiting a psychologist are strongly featured.  These things aren’t shown enough, despite playing a huge role.
  • The discussion around depression affecting relationships with friends and family is heartbreaking but important.
  • Tava being gay is acknowledged at the beginning but not relevant to the story.  She just is.
  • I can connect more to this story because Tava is a perfectionist and her performance-based self value and goal orientation make total sense to me.


What I Disliked

  • It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Alice and Tava’s points of view alternate.  So I was tangled up trying to figure out who was saying what.  The namedropping of other characters who don’t actually appear in the book confused me even more.


I recommend this book because: this is an accurate, honed representation of depression that will educate lots of readers.

This book is for you if: you know someone with depression, but don’t always know the best way to show your support; you believe that a picture speaks a thousand words.

This book is similar to: 



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