My 2017 Reading Resolutions

Last year I tried to read outside of my comfort zone more.  In the process, I feel like I grew as a reader and found new passions.  The aim of my 2017 reading resolutions are to continue growing as a person with greater love and understanding.


I Will Read More Own Voices Narratives

In 2016, I learnt the importance of reading and celebrating Own Voices narratives.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, Own Voices refers to any narrative about a marginalised group written by a member of that group.  Reading books by Own Voices authors is crucial because these stories accurately represent marginalised perspectives and experiences.  For some readers, this is an opportunity to expand awareness of stories beyond their personal bubble.  For others, this provides validation of a shared experience that may have previously been silenced or misrepresented.

So far, I’ve read some incredible Own Voices narratives by Indian, Muslim, and LGBTQI+ authors.  If you have any book recs or a favourite Own Voices author for me to check out in 2017, please share!


I Will Read We Need Diverse Books Recommendations

We Need Diverse Books is an association of children’s book lovers dedicated to making books featuring diverse characters accessible to young people.  In its own words, WNDB recognises, “all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) LGBTQIA, Native, people of colour, gender diversity, people with disabilities*, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities”.

Among countless other amazing resources, WNDB features reading lists and discussions to share diverse literature with new readers.  I’m excited to start reading diverse books that I would never have discovered otherwise!


I Will Read Disability in Kidlit Recommendations

Disability in Kidlit is a blog dedicated to the accurate representation of disability in books for middle grade and young adult readers.  While the books reviewed and articles published on this site consider a range of experiences and angles, they are all written from disabled perspectives, since, in it’s own words, “nothing about us without us!”

I can’t wait to expand my awareness of disability by reading accurate representations.  I also find that difficult topics are often handled with more clarity and compassion in junior fiction, so I’m hoping that I will find this a great starting place.  Ps. I recommend following Disability in Kidlit’s Goodreads account!


I Will Read More Nonfiction Women’s Narratives

This resolution ties into my passion for Own Voices narratives, but deserves its own point.  In 2017, I want to read and celebrate nonfiction books written by women.  As a feminist, I want to expand my awareness of women’s experiences around the world.  I also love how women’s stories make me feel connected and passionate about my place in the world and my power to make a difference.


I Will Read Graphic Novels

For too long, I tragically believed graphic novels were only meant for male entertainment.  After reading reviews from my friends in the blogging community, I realised there are hundreds of incredible graphic novels out there delivering powerful messages through visual storytelling.  I’m heartbroken I blinkered myself to this genre in the past!  If you have any graphic novel recs for a first time reader, I can’t wait to hear them!


I Will Read Books For Any Age Readership

I make this resolution every year because reading books targeting a variety of age demographics is a great way to see a multitude of perspectives.  I want to make sure I keep my heart open to stories from every walk of life.

I hope my 2017 reading resolutions inspire you to read outside of your comfort zone this year.  I would love to hear your personal or reading resolutions in the comments!  



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