Queensland Writers Centre 2016 Program Launch


Based at State Library of Queensland, the Queensland Writers Centre is a member program that supports the professional development and success of writers.  I had the pleasure of attending its end of year party and 2016 program launch on Friday.  

Nearing its 25th anniversary on January 14, QWC is trying a new approach – releasing its program in two parts for flexibility in response to member feedback.  I’m excited about quite a few special events promised in the first half of 2016.  This is my first year as a member and I’m planning to make the most of the discounted rates and resources available.

If you are an emerging or developing writer, I urge you to check out QWC’s program.  It has a variety of events from beginner skills to niche specialisation including marketing unpublished work.  Either grab a free program next time you visit the State Library of Queensland or check out their website.  You might like to start off by tagging along to the QWC Open Day on January 14.  Definitely pencil it into your diary.

QWC’s quarterly magazine is also an invaluable resource – it includes pages of competitions and submission openings so you know when and where to submit your work.  It takes the time and effort out of keeping your finger on the pulse of publishing opportunities.  View the complete list of resources and signup information here.

I’m personally most excited about the Year of the Edit, a 10-month-long capstone program that assists writers in developing their manuscript before submitting to publishers.  Cool stuff!



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