Meeting Meg McKinlay at the Queensland Literary Awards 2015

At this year’s Queensland Literary Awards at the State Library of Queensland, I had the pleasure of meeting children’s author, Meg McKinlay.  Meg’s latest novel, A Single Stone, won the Griffith University Children’s Book Award.  During her acceptance speech, I was thinking to myself how amazing it would be to go up to her and say hi.  But then what after “hi”?  I was feeling nervous already.  

After the ceremony, I raced out, bought a copy of A Single Stone, and then began the mincing dawdle of someone who prefers to wait awkwardly nearby a celebrity rather than interrupt them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 11.06.11 pmWhen Meg noticed me star-strickeningly clutching her book, she offered to sign it for me.  I needn’t have been nervous.  We ended up sitting down to chat about our mutual love of The Silver Chair from The Chronicles of Narnia, a book that resonates deeply for us both.

It was amazing to have such a natural, down-to-earth conversation with an author that I admire.  I felt humbled.  Meg McKinlay was so open to share about herself and expressed sincere interest in my passion to be a children’s author.  She wrote a kind note to me inside A Single Stone which I will treasure.

I can’t wait to read A Single Stone.  You can expect a review when I do.  What an amazing experience!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the other Queensland Literary Award winners.  You can even read the short story finalists of the State Library of Queensland’s 2015 Young Writers Award.  My earlier post has all the links you need to check them out.

Important Links:

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